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Scented by Harry

Candle Care Accessories

Candle Care Accessories

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Wick Trimmer

Our Wick Trimmer's are recommended for that perfect burning candle. When you go to relight your candle, always make sure you trim your wick down to approximately 4mm. This will unsure a long-lasting candle, minimizing smoking and soot as well as preventing "mushrooming".

Wick Snuffer

Our Matte Black Candle Snuffer is an essential candle accessory, especially designed to safely extinguish your candles. To use, simply place the bell of the Snuffer over the flame. Our Candle Snuffer is the gentle way to put out your candle safely without damaging your candle or filling the room with smoke.

Wick Hook

Sometimes, when a candle burns for hours, and especially if you forgot to trim it before lighting, the wick leans or curls. If you don’t centre and straighten the wick, it will lead to uneven burn the next time and, worst-case scenario – candle tunnelling. Trust me, that’s a road you don’t want to go down. 

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