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Scented by Harry

Summer Deluxe Candle XL - 1600g

Summer Deluxe Candle XL - 1600g

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Large four-wick candle, hand poured and finished in Brisbane. 

Scent Notes: Strawberries, Champagne, Red Roses

Scent Description: Fruity & Fresh

Scent Family: Fruity

Notes of vanilla bean and fresh strawberries. With champagne to soak up in the sunshine and red roses. Combines beautifully to start summer and transport us to a favourite tropical escape.


  • 1600g (approximately 150 hours burn time)
  • 15cm H x 14.2cm W 


  • Glass Jar
  • Soy Wax


Create a burn memory - When lighting your candle make sure wax liquifies to edges for every burn before extinguishing. We recommend burning for no more than 2-4 hours at a time. Keep your candle away from children, pets and flammable materials. Don’t leave a lit candle unattended. Place in safe location on a heat safe surface.

Trim the wick - Before each burn, use a wick trimmer or pair of scissors to trim the wick to the right length

(1/4 inch). This prevents fire hazards and increases the lifespan of the candle.

When you get towards the end don’t burn all the way down, swap your candle for a new one when 1/2 inch of wax remains.


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