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Calm Seeds

Soothie Bath Soak

Soothie Bath Soak

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Calms:  minor skin irritations, sensitivities & dry skin

Seeds:  hand-milled colloidal oats & coconut

For little ones: Let your little one relax in our soothie bath soak to help eliminate skin irritation. Our colloidal oatmeal blend has just the right amount of moisture and pH balance to help soothe itchy rashes, dry spots, and even nappy rash. Your little one will be feeling smooth and soothed in no time!

For mamas:  Treat yourself and your sensitive skin with soothie bath soak! This powerful yet gentle bath soak was crafted to support mamas with dry patches, skin irritations, pre- and post-baby bellies. With its naturally moisturising goodness, you'll stay hydrated and soothed while being kind to your skin and the planet! Get ready to soak away your cares with a soothie!

Scent: natural scent

Our soothie bath soak seed hero ingredients

 How to use soothie bath soak


Our exclusive blend of hand-milled colloidal oatmeal can help relieve the discomfort of itchiness and dryness, including nappy rash. Its ideal moisture and pH levels promote skin smoothness. Add two heaping spoonful's of soothie to lukewarm bathwater, and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes. The water turns milky for a relaxing, calming bath. Pat skin dry with a towel after use.



Enjoy up to 30 minutes of stress-relieving indulgence with Soothie bath soak. Add 50g of the soothing blend to warm bath water, and feel your cares melt away. Skin will be soft and re-hydrated, providing a pampering, relaxing experience.
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