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Calm Seeds

Soothie Balm

Soothie Balm

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Calms:  minor skin irritations, sensitivities & dry skin

Seeds:  mango seed & macadamia 

Our unique blend of mango seed butter and macadamia oil gently and naturally provides relief from common skin irritations, dry patches, nappy rash, and cradle cap. It also deeply moisturizes and forms a protective barrier against moisture and irritants.

For mamas:  Perfect for sensitive mamas that need a little extra moisturising support for dry patches, from skin irritations to pre & post baby bellies.  Super gentle that's powerfully effective, and all staying kind to your skin and the planet. 

Scent: Unscented is best for sensitivities. 

each balm is approx. 30g.

Our soothie balm seed hero ingredients



How to Use soothie balm


Wash your hands and the area of your baby's skin you're applying the balm to. A gentle cleanse with lukewarm water is all you need. Put a small amount of balm on your fingertips, rub it between them to warm it up, and apply it to the area. Use gentle circular motions to spread the balm evenly, massaging it until absorbed.

For cradle cap, apply a small amount to the head, massage it in gently, and cleanse off with a warm cloth. At bath time, use the soothie soak with the cloth for more cradle cap relief. Repeat the balm application as desired.

After Bath Bonding Massage: Warm up a small amount of balm between your fingers before massaging your baby's skin.

Never apply product onto broken skin.


Mamas: Take a small amount of the balm on your fingertips and rub it between your fingers to warm it up and make it easier to apply. Apply the balm to the area of your that needs soothing, or belly. Rub the balm into your skin using gentle circular motions until it is fully absorbed.

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